Golden Goose Award Documentary Short Films 

2015 - Awardees: Walter Mischel, Yuichi Shoda, Philip K. Peake, Torsten Wiesel, David Hubel, Joel E. Cohen, and Christopher Small

2014 - Awardees: Tiffany Field, Gary Evoniuk, Cynthia Kuhn, Saul Schanberg. Preston McAfee, Paul Milgrom, Robert Wilson, and Larry Smarr

2013 - Awardees: Thomas Brock, Hudson Freeze, Alvin Roth, David Gale, Lloyd Shapley, and John Eng

2012 - Awardees: Osamu Shimomura, Martin Chalfie, Roger Tsien, Jon Weber, Eugene White, Rodney White, Della Roy, and Charles Towne

Few things are as important as scientific research to building a better future.
— Representative Jim Cooper (D-TN)

Award Ceremony Footage

2015 - Venue - Library of Congress

2014 - Venue - Library of Congress

2013 - Part II

2013 - Part I - Venue - Reserve Officers Association

2012 - Venue - Gold Room, Rayburn House Office Building

Photos from the 2015 Golden Goose Award