The United States may now risk falling behind in scientific discoveries as other countries increase their science funding. We need to get serious about science. In fact, maybe it’s time for researchers to fight back, to return a comeback for every punch line.
— Jim Cooper and Alan I. Leshner

golden goose Press Releases:

2017 Golden Goose Award Recognizes Six Researchers
Whose Taxpayer-Funded Work Benefits Society
 27 September 2017

Golden Goose Award Welcomes Colorado Senator Cory Gardner to Bipartisan Group of Supporters – 11 May 2017


Media coverage:

2017 Golden Goose winners

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Screwworm sex earns departed US duo a 'Golden Goose'

Edward Knipling and Raymond Bushland Win Award for the Sterile Insect Technique  Entomology Today

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A Golden Goose, Cats Chasing Lasers, and Massachusetts  Huffington Post Op-Ed by Senator Ed Markey

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“Wasteful” science that wasn’t: New prize honors US-funded basic research – Ars Technica

How a fluorescent jellyfish - and federal dollars - helped fight AIDS – The Washington Post

“Scientific know-how, the engine of American prosperity, is especially critical amid intense budgetary pressures. Federal investments in R&D have fueled half of the nation’s economic growth since World War II. This is why a bipartisan team of U.S. lawmakers joined a coalition of science, business and education leaders to launch the Golden Goose Awards.”
— Washington Post

Golden Goose Awards: Your tax dollars at work for science research – LA Times

Science Oddities Win Golden Goose – NBC News

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White House and Congressional Releases:

What Basic Research Means to You  White House Office Of Science and Technology Policy Blog

Basic Research, Game Changing Benefits – White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Senator Coons – Dear Colleague letter to Members of Congress

Representatives Cooper, Holt, Dent and Hultgren – Dear Colleague letter to Members of Congress

Golden Goose Award: Scientific Research Investments Pay Off – White House OSTP

Ranking Member Johnson Congratulates the Golden Goose Awardees for Their Groundbreaking Research Accomplishments


Higher Education Publications: 

Maria Zuber: Golden Goose Awards illustrate virtues of basic research – MIT News

IU alumna receiving Golden Goose Award for once-obscure research – News at Indiana University-Bloomington

Three ISyE Researchers Receive 2016 Golden Goose Award for the Honey Bee Algorithm  Georgia Tech News Center

Honeybee Algorithm receives Golden Goose Award  research news@Vanderbilt

Golden Goose Award honors bee expert's impact on computing  Cornell Chronicle

Alumnus posthumously honored for research  South Dakota State News

ADD Health: Sociologist Peter Bearman on his Landmark Adolescent Health Study  Columbia University News

Grabbing the Golden Goose  UNC Research News

For one-time Hopkins researchers, accidental discovery led to Nobel Prize-winning breakthrough  JHU Hub

UW psychology professor Yuichi Shoda honored for famous long-term study on delayed gratification – UW Today

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Congressman’s ‘Golden Goose’ Aims to Stand Proxmire’s Award on Its Head – The Chronicle of Higher Education

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Golden Goose Award Goes to MED Professor Emeritus


Commendations in the congressional record